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E.J. Yozamp
Psychology | Philosophy | Faith
Photo: SHVETS production. Untitled. Pexels, 2021.

Photo: Caravaggio. The Sacrifice of Isaac. Wikimedia Commons, 1603.

Photo: cottonbro, Untitled. 2020, Pexels.

Photo: Unknown photographer. Noah Mosaic in Basilica di San Marco, Venice. Wikimedia Commons, n.d.

Photo: Nekrashevich, Anna. Untitled. 2021, Pexels.

Photo: Katyal, Prateek. Heart and Zero Neon Light Signage. 2019, Pexels.

Photo: Karpovich, Vlada. Untitled. N.d., Pexels.

Photo: RF._.Studio. Untitled. 2020, Pexels.

Photo: Slackens, L.M. The Yellow Press. 1910, Wikimedia Commons.

Photo: Normand, Ernest. Esther Denouncing Haman. 1888, Wikimedia Commons.

The Megillot

E.J. Yozamp

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